About Midland Memorial

Midland Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit, community owned hospital serving nearly 22,000 people residing in Midland County, Texas. Founded in 1950, the hospital has since stood as an example of excellent patient care, medical education and community service for west Texas.

Midland Memorial Hospital has expanded extensively in its decades of operation. In May 2009, Midland County residents approved a $115 million bond to construct a new patient tower, combined with another $62.6 million in private donations and grants. It was the first $100 million bond issue ever approved by Midland voters. Later in December, 2012, the hospital opened the nine-story, Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer Jr Patient Tower, staying just under its $177.6 million project budget.

The hospital system is no stranger to ambitious construction projects to better provide for its community. To better manage its program, Midland Memorial Hospital has chosen to consolidate its construction workflow on Projectmates construction program management software. As an owner-focused construction solution, Projectmates has extensive experience in supporting healthcare systems and massive construction projects. Midland Memorial Hospital will utilize this new software to manage every facet of its construction program, from document management, to certification tracking, cost tracking, RFIs, submittals and much more.

About Projectmates

Projectmates online healthcare capital construction program management software is perfectly geared for healthcare organizations with its rich and powerful suite of management tools designed for site planning, due diligence, construction, and facility maintenance. Projectmates facilitates collaboration between owners, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders who drive project success. Owners within the healthcare sector can leverage Projectmates to excel in meeting regulatory requirements and maximizing project transparency.

Running a more productive and profitable capital program is at the heart of Projectmates. This equips owners with Web-based project management software that cuts costs and delays, improves project execution, increases accountability and reduces risks. Real-time financial reports and integration with accounting software enable seamless budget and cost management, including vendor management tied to contracts, change orders, and pay application routing and approvals. Projectmates creates a seamless platform for managing the complete lifecycle of a construction project and provides a centralized location for project teams to automate construction management workflow, share documents & drawings, and so much more.

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